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Noemie M. Bernier, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

Noemie M. Bernier, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology)

Dr. Noemie Bernier, a native of Montreal, Canada, has been a board certified staff neurologist/neurosurgeon with GSVS since 2001. Noemie is a graduate of the University of Montreal School of…

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William Kay, Jr., VMD, Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology)

William Kay, Jr., VMD, Diplomate ACVIM (Neurology)

Dr. William Kay, Jr., received his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014. He then completed an internship in medicine and surgery at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in…

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Neurology/Neurosurgery at GSVS

At Garden State Veterinary Specialists, our Neurology/Neurosurgery department uses a multi-disciplinary team approach in every patients’ care providing advanced veterinary diagnostics and treatments. We offer on-site MRI and CT scanning which permits our patients in need of surgery and/or other diagnostic tests to have these procedures performed within the same anesthesia. This process also allows our patients to benefit from the availability of each departments’ expertise. Our Emergency/Critical Care team is available to see Neurology patients 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. They are available to work in tandem with our Neurology/Neurosurgery team and our other specialty teams, if needed.

The GSVS Neurology/Neurosurgery team is available 6 days a week, including Saturdays, for the evaluation of seizure disorders, behavioral changes, blindness, compulsive circling, vestibular signs, cerebellar signs, neuromuscular disorders, cranial nerve deficits, spinal cord signs, ataxia, paresis and sleep disorders. They perform neurological consultations/rechecks daily by appointment and offer a same day referral report to your referring veterinarian. MRI reviews are welcomed.


The MRI is our most sensitive diagnostic technique for the evaluation of nervous system pathologies. Our on-site MRI works on an in-patient or out-patient basis. We use inhalant anesthesia and close anesthetic monitoring performed by GSVS qualified staff. Additional diagnostic and surgical procedures may be performed within the same anesthesia. We offer a same-day report and copy of the MRI on CD-ROM. Available 7 days a week.


Our on-site CT unit is available daily for the evaluation of head trauma, acute Hansen Type I disc herniation, lumbosacral disease, cervical malformation-malarticulation syndrome, as well as evaluation of the skull, bullaes, and axial skeleton and 3-D radiation planning. It is operated on an out-patient or in-patient basis by GSVS qualified staff. We use inhalant anesthesia and close anesthetic monitoring performed by GSVS qualified staff. Additional diagnostic and surgical procedures may be performed within the same anesthesia.


Emergency Neurosurgery

Spinal Surgery: Disc herniation (Hansen Type I & II), cervical malformation- malarticulation (Wobblers syndrome), altlantoaxial malformation, spinal fracture and luxation, spinal neoplasia.

Brain Surgery:  brain tumors, ventriculoperitoneal shunting for hydrocephalus, head trauma.

Nerve & Muscle Biopsies


  • Electromyography (EMG) – Motor neuron diseases, brachial/lumbosacral plexus disorders, polyneuropathies, mononeuropathies, myopathies.
  • Single Fiber EMG
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV): sensory & motor– Motor and sensory neuropathies, brachial/lumbosacral plexus disorders.
  • Repetitive stimulation – neuromuscular junctionopathies.
  • Brain Auditory Evoked Response Test (BAER) – congenital deafness, brain death


  • Ventilator
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Blood gas analysis
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • In-house bloodwork capabilities
  • Medical neurological emergencies
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Critical Care Specialist on staff 7 days a week
  • In-House imaging capabilities (CT & MRI)
  • Neurologist on staff 6 days a week
  • On-Call Board Certified Surgeon


  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy (Linear accelerator, 3-D planning)
Neurology scan
Axial T1WI post contrast: bilateral otitis-media with right-sided temporal bone osteomyelitis and brain abcessation.
Neurology scan 2
Bilateral otitis media with right sided temporal bone osteomyelitis and brain abcessation.
Neurology Emergency Surgery
Left temporo-parietal depressed skull fracture in a head trauma cat.
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