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Introducing Palladia (Toceranib Phosphate) - A New Targeted Anti-cancer Therapy For Dogs Available At GSVS!

The Oncology Department at Garden State Veterinary Specialists would like to introduce you to Palladia™, the first FDA approved canine cancer drug. Palladia is produced by Pfizer; it is labeled for use in canine mast cell tumors.

In a clinical trial of dogs with intermediate or high grade mast cell tumors, Palladia showed a biologic effect in about 40 percent of dogs. Palladia is a more "targeted" cancer therapy; it aims to "turn off" some aberrant signaling pathways that some mast cell tumors utilize. It also has effects in slowing new blood vessel growth to tumors, and in that regard, may help limit growth of a variety of other cancers.

This drug is an oral therapeutic, that is given by owners on an every other day basis. Frequent (weekly) visits are essential to monitor clinical response, as well as toxicity, especially since the drug has had limited real life clinical experience. Even though this is a "targeted" therapy, side effects are not uncommon and can lead to serious complications if there is not early intervention.

Pfizer is initially introducing Palladia to board certified oncologists to expand its clinical use and gain more knowledge about the uses and effectiveness of the drug. This drug is available by prescription only through oncologists for the current time; it is expected to be available for general purchase in early 2010.

Garden State Veterinary Specialists is providing the drug at no cost to applicable cases for a short period of time (there will be a small dispensing fee); any other associated costs (visits, blood work, medication, etc) will need to be covered by the clients. We will be offering this drug at no cost for a limited time, compliments of Pfizer. There will come a time when Pfizer will set the price of this drug, and clients will be charged accordingly (likely the start of 2010).

Who might benefit from this drug? Dogs with non - resectable, recurrent mast cell tumors, dogs with multiple mast cell tumors, or mast cell tumors that have failed first line treatment (radiation and/or chemotherapy). Treatment with this drug may also be implemented for other cancers that are advanced or cancers to which there is no accepted standard of cancer (metastatic cancers). Palladia will be dispensed at the discretion of the oncologist.

Please contact us if you have specific questions about the drug, or about any of your cases!

Michele Cohen, DVM, MS, DACVIM, DACVR-RO

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